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360°x180° Spherical Panoramas

The most immersive panorama experience is achieved using full 360° x 180° spherical panoramas. Spherical panoramas are also know as Quicktime VR's. In a spherical panorama, viewing is possible in both the horizontal and vertical dimensions. Cylindrical panoramas, which can only be viewed in the horizontal dimension, are typically found on the internet. They often lead to a tensed feeling of limited space. Spherical panoramas give the impression of actually standing at the location the panorama was created.

Spherical panoramas are created from several wide angle photos shot at the same view point. They are then "stitched" together to form a single seamless image that covers the entire 360°x180° field of view. Special software such as Quicktime VR, Java, and Flash is used to allow interactive viewing of the spherical panoramas. BLUEPANO.COM uses the latest Flash technology to present spherical panoramas on the web.

Virtual Tours with floorplan/map + radar

Virtual Tours provide a fully immersive interactive experience of a location. They are created from several panoramas that are connected by links within the panorama. Imagine viewing a panorama of a hotel room. As you move around the panorama you see the bathroom door. Clicking on the "hot spot" or link on the bathroom door will load another panorama of the bathroom. Virtual tours often include a map or floorplan with a rotating radar/compass showing the direction currently being viewed in the panorama. Additional content such as pictures, text, and web pages can be accessed from hotspots within the panoramas.

Gigapixel Photography for Ultra High Resolution Prints

We are able to produce ultra high resolution panorama prints up to several meters wide from file sizes up to several gigapixels. Click to see 3.4 gigapixel panorama of Bangkok.

Easy Integration

We can help integrate panoramas and virtual tours into your existing website. Or if you don't have a website we can help you with that as well.

Adobe Flash Player Technology

BLUEPANO.COM utilizes cutting edge Flash technology to display panoramas on the web. The reasons for this are:

  • High distribution: Only the Adobe Flash Player must be installed. Flash player has reached an accessibility of almost 99% (look here).
  • Multi platform: Windows, Linux, Mac
  • Easy and quick installation: If a user has not installed the Flash player or has too old a version, the installation/update process is simple and fast!
  • Quick startup: On an average PC the startup process of the Flash plugin is very quick (normally under one second). Java-Applets for example unfortunately need much longer to load.

(BLUEPANO.COM can also provide spherical panoramas and virtual tours that use Quicktime and Java technology if your project requires it.)

International Travel

We are based in Bangkok, Thailand which is a convenient travel hub for south-east Asia. We are now accepting international projects in neighbouring countries.